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JDSU ANT-5 Access Networks Tester
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JDSU ANT-5 Access Networks Tester

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Installation and commissioning solution for SDH, SONET, PDH, and ATM access networks with line rate testing from 1.544 Mb/s to 2.5 Gb/s.


● Configurable and upgradeable with a wide range of optical interfaces and SW options, e.g. ATM.
● All interfaces built in: Electrical interfaces for PDH/SDH: T1,E1,E3,DS3,E4, STM-0e/1e; Optical interfaces (option) for SDH/SONET: Single and Dual optics Tx up to 2.5 G, covering: STM-1/OC-3, STM-4/OC-12, and STM-16/OC-48.
● Autoconfig functionality for automatic traffic detection (line rate, structure, mapping).
● PDH Mux/Demux testing down to 64 kbps (E1/E3/E4 and DS1/DS3 Mux/Demux chain).
● ATM test functionality with all supported bit rates and mappings up to Vc4-4c.
● Offline Viewer SW provides impressive result analysis and report generation on any Microsoft Windows-based printer. Generation of instrument configuration for transfer to the unit itself.
● Built-in Ethernet port for extended connectivity, enabling remote operation and results transfer.


● Installation and commissioning of STM-0e/1/4/16, OC-3/12/48, and E4, DS3, E3, E1, and T1 links.
● Troubleshooting features for easier fault location.
● In-service and out-of-service testing with in-line monitor and intrusive thru mode functionality. Enables interruption free service monitoring via ECL NRZ Rx ports (STM-n).
● ATM service verification: Testing of ATM carried over PDH, SDH, and SONET.
● 3G/UMTS network installation and commissioning with Channel Explorer functionality detecting active VCI/VPIs.
● Radio link adjustments by repetitive BERT functionality.

Key Features

● Bit Error Rate testing.
● Performance analysis according to international standards: G.821, G.826, G.828, G.829, M.2100,M.2101 and ANSI.
● APS-measurement including Service Disruption.
● Round Trip Delay measurement.
● Pointer generation and analysis.
● Overhead generation and analysis including path trace [in Hex and clear text format (interpreter)].
● TCM generation and analysis.
● K-Byte generation, analysis and capture. 

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